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Welcome to Sitasar Dham Mandir !

Sita Sar Valmeki Ashram It is ancient tank spread over 80 bighas. It is said that Sita, wife of Rama, washed her hair in this tank when she was turned out of the house by Rama. Even now the widows of the surrounding area come here and wash their hair. It is also said that at one time kumb fair of the Punjab was held here. This tank, it is said, was filled with the water of River Saraswati. The River Sarasvati rises in the hills of Sirmur in the Himalayan range called the Sewalik and emerges into the plains at Ad-Badri in Ambala, and is deemed as one of the most scared rivers by the Hindus. The Sarasvati is described in Rig-Veda as a flowing river. Manu and the Mahabharata speak about its disappearance in the sand at Binasana-Tirtha near Sirsa (JRAS. 1893, p. 51) . In the Vedic period the Sarasvati was a very large river and it flowed into the sea (Max Muller's Rig-Veda Samhita, p. 46 commentary). The Rig-Veda does not even hint about its sub-terrane a couse in the Triveni at Allahabad.



Sitasar Dham Mandir Sunam (25-12-2014)

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