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 History of Sunam

Sunam is a city and a municipality in Sangrur district in the Indian state of Punjab. Sunam means the name with a good reputation. This is the birthplace of the famous patriot, Shahid Udham Singh who took revenge of the massacre of innocent Indians by the British on April 13 in 1919 in JAHLLIAN WALA Bagh in Amritsar by shooting O'Dwyer, in Caxton Hall in London on 13 March 1940 as he was the one who had ordered the shooting of a large and peaceful meeting of the patriots in the Bagh by using machine guns and killed hundreds of them as the garden had just one narrow lane to enter and it was surrounded by walls with no


exit gates elsewhere. The machine guns were placed in the only escape lane which was actually both, the way in and out and many in the gathering there jumped into the famous well in the garden to save their lives and drowned. Thousands of people pay their homage to the killed patriots daily by bowing to this garden, the well and by remembering Shahid Udham Singh of Sunam.


Near By Villages of this Village with Distance are
Akalgarh (4.1 k.m.),
Ghasiwala (5.7 k.m.),
Bharur (5.9 k.m.),
Ramgarh Jawande (6.8 k.m.),
Sheron (7.3 k.m.),
Towns Near By Sunam (0 k.m.),
Sangrur (13.6 k.m.),
Lehragaga (22.8 k.m.),
Dhuri (26.5 k.m.)








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