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 Manohar Deepak :


Name : Manohar Deepak
Birthday : ......................
Hometown : Sunam, Punjab
Height :


Manohar Deepak is known as founder and father of Modern Stage Bhangra. Born in Sunam Udham Singh Wala (Punjab) India, he moved to Mumbai where he Acted in number of movies. He was married to actress Madhumati.






Manohar Deepak some time after the late '50s, when he started a film career in Bombay. I believe his first non-bhangra film came out in 1960. His body position and maybe the ghungroos suggest he may have brought a quasi bhangra style to Bombay film.


Deepak brothers with Indira Gandhi (who I assume was just hanging out at the time as assistant to her dad, Prime Minister Nehru). The ghungroos on the shoulder would almost seem to symbolize their dance.


Madhumati, Sunil Dutt and Manohar Deepak Madhumati with her late husband, Manohar Deepak, the inspiration and motivator of the academy


Madhumati with sister and contemporary actress of the yore years, Vaishali Madhumati with the first Prime Minister of Independendent India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

And here is one more of Manohar, scanned from Alka Pande's book (by T. Dhanoa). This would have been taken after 1959, at least I think -- when he shaved his daarhi.

The three Deepak brothers: Manohar, Gurbachan, Avtar.



PEPSU troupe group shot. Presumably 1954.





This, in a way, is my example to end the 1950s era -- even though the Punjabi film, Khedan de Din Char, came out in 1962.

It features Manohar Deepak (co-director), who had started his film career in Bombay by this point (note the cameo by Raj Kapoor). I don't know if any of the rest of the PEPSU troupe joined him. One of the dholis looks traditional -- the skinnier guy! I can't say who the chubby dholi is (maybe he was just faking playing?)! The skinny guy is not Bhana Ram. He ceased playing with the PEPSU troupe ca1957/58, I believe, which is also when Deepak stopped doing the Republic Day thing.

The dancing looks like a kind of poor imitation of the PEPSU style, in my opinion -- as if bhangra was all about jerking shoulders madly. And it's too routine -- filmi formations.

Here, Manohar is clean shaven (his Bollywood image). Turbans have changed by this point from the shamle-wali kind (two thingies hanging down) to a turla style. But it's not today's turla style, it's more of a natural style...kinda resembles Pathan style.


Madam Madhumati's inspirational work from the yesteryear


Madam Madhumati is a renowned Actress and Dancer of Hindi Films of the yore years.

She has worked in over Eleven Hundred (1100) films in 25 Years. Madhumati Acting Academy has been functional since last 30 years. In her entire career, she worked with stalwarts of the film Industry and the greatest stars of her times likeShammi kapoor, Dharmendra, Raj Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Pran, Balraj Sahney, etc.

She is a contemporary of Helen, but this nimble footed dancer created a unique place for herself, not just because of her dance but because of her potential as an actress as well. Her Helen-like looks stick on to your eyes, until you flicker your lashes once again to greet the famous actress of the yesteryears.



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