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 Temples of Sunam
 Sita Sar Mandir (History)


Sita Sar Valmeki Ashram It is ancient tank spread over 80 bighas. It is said that Sita, wife of Rama, washed her hair in this tank when she was turned out of the house by Rama. Even now the widows of the surrounding area come here and wash their hair. It is also said that at one time kumb fair of the Punjab was held here. This tank, it is said, was filled with the water of River Saraswati. he River Sarasvati rises in the hills of Sirmur in the Himalayan range called the Sewalik and emerges into the plains at read more>>>


 Suraj Kund Mandir (History)

The history of Sunam goes back to the Vedic period, when its name was Surajpur. The Saraswati River is believed to have flowed by it.The modern town was built within the walls of an old fort into which its inhabitants were driven to take refuge. It is divided into two parts, one in the citadel of the fort and the other on the lowland around it. Though now of little importance, Sunam has played a significant part in the history of the Punjab after the Muhammadan invasion read more>>>


 Gurdwara Pehli Patshahi

 Guga Mari    



 Samadh Bhai Mool Chand (History)



Samadh Bhai Mool Chand This samadh is situated in the Suth-east of the town. This place is equally revered by the Hindus and Sikhs of the town. They pray for the fulfilment of their desires, which it is said, are fulfilled.

Bhai Mool Chand was a Khatri (Duggal) by caste. His father was a shopkeeper at Bathinda. He wanted his son to join the same trade but Bhai Mool Chand was least interested as from the very childhood read more>>>

 Pir Bana Banoi (History)



Khangah Pir Bana Banoi It is an old building in the city and a monument of the Muslims. A mosque has been built in the building in the north-west of the grave of Pir Bana Banoi. Pir Bana Banoi whose real name is said to be Mohmood or Khawaja Mahmood was a Sayyad by caste. Before the partition of the country, a big fair used to be held here in the month of Chet (March-April) in which people from Peshawar, Multan, Rawalpindi and Lahore (now in Pakistan) used to attend. Professional dancers used to read more>>>











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